Healthy Hydration

Whether you want great tasting spring water or purified water, our testing exceeds State and Federal standards to ensure water we deliver is the highest quality.

For Business and Residential

Two quality brands brought to you by one local and trusted name.

Our founder Tom Boyer started the company with a simple concept; "Freshness, Quality, and Service you can depend on". Consistent to our tag line, both brands of our bottled water have always been tested weekly by an independent lab because we wanted to leave no question about the integrity and quality of our water. This commitment to quality exceeds both State and Federal standards. Bottled in Boise, Idaho.
Bottled Water - Purified or Spring - 3 or 5 gallon
Water Cooler with Filtered Water
Water Cooler with Reverse Osmosis
Water coolers featuring hot/cold or cold/room temperature spigots available in countertop and floor models.
Reverse osmosis filtration systems plumbed to coffee brewers, water cooler and refrigerator.

The Ice and Water Dispensers

Bottle free options, the latest and greatest.

Iguassu 900

The Ice and Water Dispenser 900 combines a modern design with the latest and greatest technology. Enjoy all of the features this machine offers, plus with RO (reverse osmosis) purification you can be assured you are getting freshly filtered ice and water whenever you need it.
Ice, Cold, Hot, and Ambient Water
44lbs daily ice production
Reverse Osmosis Filtration
Leak Detector
Water Options
The Ice and Water Dispenser 900 has a modern, streamline design with all the features you demand in your workplace with daily ice production of 44lbs and additional storage for 8.8lbs.

Waterlogic WL270

Cold, Ambient, and Hot Water
The WL270 unit comes standard with Ambient, Cold and Hot Selections to meet a wide range of customer demands. Cold Water temperature is adjustable.
High Volume Storage and Water Capacity
The WL270 unit has 4 liters of Cold Water Capacity, 1.6 Liters of Hot Water Capacity and 11.4 Liters of Reservoir Capacity.
BioCote® Anti-Microbial Protection
Plastic surfaces surrounding dispensing areas and drip tray are infused with an exclusive silver additive called BioCote®. Silver is a natural anti-microbial that inhibits the growth of microorganisms providing additional surface protection.
Large Dispense Area with Recessed Faucet
9.0 inch dispense height with BioCote® recessed faucet to protect from cross-contamination.

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