Conveniently delivered straight to your shelves

Treasure Valley Coffee, Inc. can arrange for all of the facility supply products you need to be delivered directly to your break room, bathroom, or kitchen. We have many different products to choose from, ranging from best-value to highest-quality grades of paper products, hand soaps, and sanitizers.


We provide the convenience of a one stop shop with everything you need. We can work with you to establish a selection of premium coffees and brewers that meet your specific needs.

First Aid

We visit your work place at regular intervals, check and refill your First Aid supplies to keep your employees safe and comfortable in the event of a workplace injury or accident.

Coffee Machines

Coffee brewer systems offer a host of features that are designed to optimize gourmet coffee’s quality and flavor, while reducing maintenance and service.

Quality Paper Products

We can stock your business with virtually any paper product, from bathroom tissue to napkins and cups.

Juices - Soda

We offer a wide variety of beverages and refreshment choices that keep your team energized.

Hot & Cold Beverage

Quench your thirst with an assortment of coffees, teas, sports drinks, energy drinks and more.

Creamers & Sugars

We stock a large selection of products to sweeten your break room experience. We also offer healthy sugar solutions.

Snacks - Soups

We offer an incredible variety of traditional snacks and healthy alternatives.

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

Treasure Valley Coffee, Inc. believes in providing employees and customers with easy access to better hygiene.

Custom Business Graphics

TVC graphics department can provide graphics with your coffee related products to promote your business

TVC conveniently delivers Espresso machines & Coffee Brewers

The Finest Coffee, Machines and Beverage Supplies, Delivered to all TVC outlets

G3 Coffee Brewer

With Generation Three (G3) technology and the state-of-the-art ThermoProTM vacuum sealed servers, Curtis introduces the most advanced gourmet coffee brewing system on the market today. The unique Universal Control Module, easy to read display and simple interface make operating easy.

G3 Digital Control Module provides precise control over all aspects of brewing in an intuitive, easy-to- operate system

Pre-Set Global Recipes at the touch of a single button – no complex equipment required

Stainless steel ThermoPROTM vacuum- sealed servers keep coffee fresh, hot and flavorful

Single unit is field selectable for One, Two or Three Batch brewing

Enhanced Recovery Circuitry – boosts performance on 220V/single phase models

All features Standard from Curtis... extra from others

G3 Thermal Decanter Single Low Profile Thermal Brewer

Gourmet” flavor is easy with G3 technology and a ThermoProTM decanter solution. You’ll think it’s magic...but it’s just smart brewing.

Brewing and serving great tasting, “gourmet” style coffee is no longer “hocus pocus”. Curtis’ G3 brewing systems make this complex process simple with easy- to-program features including... digital temperature and brew-by-volume control, pre-infusion and pulse technology, preventive maintenance alerts, cold water brew lock-out, and much more.

Precise “Gourmet” Control Over All Critical Functions — The G3 Universal Control Module provides you the expertise to brew premium gourmet coffee with ease.

Stainless Steel ThermoProTM Pour Pots Keep Coffee Quality at its Peak of Freshness — High heat retention design maintains temperature without additional warming.

Built-In Fine Tuning Brewing Modes — Pre-infusion and other modes enhance extraction of gourmet coffee flavor. Cold water brew lock-out prevents brewing when water temperature is below set level.

Curtis’ Exclusive G3 3-Year Warranty on Digital Control Components.

Out-of-the-Box Operation — Pre-programmed factory settings deliver ideal results.

5 Station Primo Cappuccino with 3-5 lb & 2-10 lb Hoppers

Curtis Primo Cappuccino. Rich in Design. Rich in Features. Rich in Profits.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Primo Cappuccino is its smooth Euro-Styled lines and cup locator guides. Built right into the oversized alcove, the guides ensure proper alignment with the dispensing nozzle while the increased cup clearance accommodates the most popular cup sizes. The PCGT captures attention from the moment your customers walk in... stimulating more impulse sales.

Curtis has incorporated the industry’s most advanced digital technology – G3 – into the Primo Cappuccino Machine. It’s this G3 technology that dramatically simplifies use, minimizes maintenance costs and increases profitability.

G3 Digital Control Module – Provides precise control over all critical blending and dispensing functions.

Pre-Dispense or Portion Control

Irradiant LCD Digital Display – Extra bright and easy to see.

Scroll-Through Precision Programming – Adjust powder flow in 5% increments and water temperature from 80°F to 200°F to create the perfect hot or cold beverage for your operation.

Direct Drive Mixing Augers – Ensure smooth high-speed blending of powdered drinks.